Why choose DEAS?

  • Professionalism Professionalità

    Commitment and organisation, reliability and soundness are the best way to describe how we do business.
    Qualified staff will follow every detail of your order progress.

  • Quality Qualità

    Strict, in-depth tests are conducted on prototypes and on the various component materials to guarantee only sofas of the highest quality standards are placed on the market.
    Subsequent thorough checks across the entire supply chain and strict production processes safeguard consumers and guarantee their satisfaction.

  • Materials – Tangible quality Materiali
      We have always paid particular attention to the fabrics in our sample range, constantly adding new collections that extend our broad range of solutions to choose from; indeed, considering the totally independent maintenance trend currently in force, we tend to focus on compositions that can be washed with water.
      The hides we use undergo the strictest tests throughout the entire production cycle and only when they meet the chemical and physical characteristics, such as stain resistance, rub resistance and so on, are they placed on the market. All processing is carried out in compliance with EEC regulations, considering softness, appealing touch and resistance to light as priorities. Any scratches, wrinkles and small flaws are merely a guarantee of the natural origin of the product.
      Form-stable expanded polyurethane foam seats with differentiated density (starting with a density of 35), devised for every single model, shaped to guarantee ultimate comfort levels.
    • DOWN
      Naturally soft and comfortable, the down used undergoes washing and sterilisation, making for a hypo-allergenic and hygienically safe product.
      With a high technological profile, they afford superior resistance properties and form-stability with wear. They are applied mechanically to ensure uniform and constant tension.
      Metal mechanical parts with non-toxic regulation-compliant paint; mobile parts riveted with anti-grip rings, pins on mobile elements anchored with Teflon or brass bushings. Electric motors guaranteed for 150,000 opening cycles and defined as “external switching” since they feature a 20-Volt transformer outside the product which it protects with a totally innocuous voltage. Complete absence of static currents on the electrical mechanisms.
      The metal bases and feet are chrome-plated or treated with galvanic processes depending on the model, to enhance their characteristics, to accommodate the rise in popularity over the years. Any shading in some of the finishes should be considered characteristics typical of the processing involved, pursued to emphasise the vintage look of these accessories, which complement our sofas to perfection.
  • Design Design

    Every sofa is the result of extensive research aimed at retaining elegant and innovative shapes.
    Our philosophy places particular focus on the constantly evolving trends and the latest new styles in interpreting domestic living spaces.

  • Ergonomics Ergonomia

    Our ability to pursue the best designs has always gone hand in hand with specific ergonomic designs. A sofa always has to provide a dedicated relaxing and unwinding experience, for liaising and regaining a sense of mental and physical balance; for these reasons, we are profoundly convinced that finding the right balance between harmonious silhouettes that safeguard the right posture, materials and design is fundamental to appreciating a living room in full.

  • Structure Struttura

    Solid wood and plywood frames, reinforcements with iron brackets in high-stress areas. Motorised mechanisms with guaranteed efficiency and reliability. Iron frames on sliding mechanisms. Differentiated density polyurethane foam shaped padding, hypo-allergenic sterilised down to guarantee greater comfort. Fully removable upholstery covers, in washable, hypo-allergenic fabrics, leathers and eco-leathers that are free of phthalates (chemicals that are harmful to human health). Wooden or metal bases and feet with high-profile finishes. For each model, we devise solutions and specific material features which make the product unique.

  • Customisation Personalizzazione

    An exclusive product, customised with a personally selected upholstery picked from thousands of possibilities, in fabric or leather, to embody your style or accommodate your needs. Differentiated finishes, endless composition possibilities, craftsmanship that is also expressed through the best support and an engineering department ready to meet your every need.

At the end of its life, please dispose of this item of furniture responsibly by taking it to a public waste disposal centre.